A happy healthy Easter!

Luckily for me neither of the boys like chocolate (or the taste of chocolate things, believe me I have made them many but it’s not to their taste) so the “Why can’t I have an Easter egg” conversation hasn’t happened (I’m sure it will in the future!).

I found some fun healthy ideas on-line (thank you Pinterest!) which I wanted to share with you all to show you Easter doesn’t need to be a sugar & chocolate overload and that you can even get away with a chocolate free celebration without children missing out on the fun!

Coconut Crispy Treat Nests – These can also be made with puffed millet if you are rice free (like we are)

Coconut Crispy Treat Nests

Caramel Chocolate Apples – Fun to involve the kids in making & decorating and can be made nut free if you leave out the Peanut topping.

Caramel bunny

Bunny Salad – Now most kids like food displayed in a novel design and this one is pretty cute!

Bunny salad

Home-made Lindor Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles – For the die hard chocolate fans try these. You could replace the hazelnut extract for something else to makes these nut free also.

Easter Egg Memory Game – This is my personal favourite, not only does it not involve food (you can use toys, novelty erasers etc) but it’s something education and they can keep for many years to come. The eggs can be found at Spotlight / Lincraft and some of the cheap dollar stores and you can fill with whatever you like. You can also use the same egg shapes in a Easter egg hunt the same way you would Easter eggs in the garden and once again the kids get something to keep at the end.

Easter Egg Memory Game

Other non food options

A new set of PJ’s (can become a tradition like some families do at Christmas time)

Books – a child can never have enough books in my opinion

A stuffed toy/ toy /game/puzzle of choice

So there you have a very small sample of Healthy/Practical Easter treats that are easy to make, good for you and in most cases allergy friendly as well!

Winners all round, so go on and get creative!