Welcome to my page!
Feeding Two Growing Boys started as a page about sharing healthy REAL food recipes with like minded people who are looking to eat additive, preservative, and colour free food (and allergy friendly) given the challenges I had raising a child with anaphylactic food allergies and not really having much of an idea where to start.
This lead me to have a specialised interest in gut health/healing diets, the Paleo lifestyle, GAPS eczema and food allergies/intolerances as well as the overall role food plays in the way our bodies function.
All my recipes/blog posts can be found here on the blog.
I work as a Lifestyle and Wellness Educator specializing in gut health and children with food sensitives, allergies and work closely with ASD, Autistic and spectrum children.
I learned quite quickly that it wasn’t only food that mattered but a low tox lifestyle and the environment and people you surround yourself in have a profound effect on your healing and overall wellbeing.
I am a passionate doTERRA Wellness advocate and incorporate these amazing bottles of magic into our lives daily and love empowering other families to do the same.
More info can be found at Embracing Wellness with Katrina Teterekidis I’d love to show you how to make simple changes that will not only lessen your toxic intake and help support your families immune system and moods.
FTGB’s has evolved to be a place where I share my love for living slower & simpler, using food as medicine, my Oily addiction, low tox lifestyle, and trying to be a Mindful Mumma as best as I can be.
Welcome to our awesome community 🙂 Happy to have you!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. janette says:

    Katrina I loved reading all your articles brilliant. It was just so great meeting you today at the travel expo!!
    JaNette xo

  2. Melinda says:

    Is your wonderful honey mustard chicken recipe with the Thermo on your new site? It was my constant go to and now it’s gone! Many thanks,

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