What’s all the fuss about essential oils?

Essential oils, they are everywhere you look and seem to be the next “in thing”

As most of you know I have a specialized interest in gut health/healing diets, the Paleo lifestyle, eczema and food allergies/intolerances, as well as the overall role food, plays in the way our bodies function based on my personal experiences healing my youngest son of his health issues through food, so it was only natural that I also live a holistic low tox lifestyle, cue my love of Essential oils!

I have used doTERRA Essential oils with my boys to support their immune systems for many years and always had people commenting and asking so I have turned my love of sharing with my friends and family (who are all now converts!) into a business and one that I share with the FTGB’s community.

We live as close to a toxin free lifestyle as you can in this modern society so I love the way I can use essential oils not only to support our wellbeing but also around the home to remove all the toxic chemicals companies claim we “need” to clean our homes.

Then I started to hear all about the emotion benefits these amazing gifts of the earth could support my boys & I with and did a bit of research and put them to the test.

I was seriously blown away at how essential oil that could keep us well, clean my home could also help manage the anxious feelings, my children, where having and keep them centered and grounded through their challenges. Cue my love now of sharing the emotional benefits of these oils – they are so much more than nice smelling oils!

I’d love to show you how to incorporate these amazing oils into your lives if you are interested in learning and look forward to you reaching out to me.

You can email me at feedingtwogrowingboys@gmail.com, visit my Facebook page, connect with me on Instagram or check out my doTERRA shop HERE

Also while your here, don’t forget to sign up to get notified when new blog posts are out and get them delivered straight into your inbox, I post when I feel I have something of value for you so won’t be spamming you, I promise!

I seriously can’t imagine my life without these oils, my only regret is not having them sooner and when my boys were younger.

Not only do I use a product I adore and works, I have an amazing community that comes along with it, my team is like family and I’d love to have you along for the ride.



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