Nourishing You – for the Mamas who forgot about themselves 

After an extremely long break in the land of blogging but being active on social media, I thought it was an apt time to relaunch FTGB’s.

With new goals set for both my business and personal life, I wanted to share with you all  3 tips the last few years have taught me.

1. Fill your cup, and fill that thing as high as you can, with whatever brings calm or inspiration into your life.

 It could be as big as building a business that empowers you to live your life’s purpose, or as small as watching a trashy reality tv show or making the time to run, walk, dance or practice yoga.

 Self care and love is not selfish, it’s essential. Life is here to be lived not endured. By filling your cup, you can then deal with whatever life throws at you and things that once seemed like big issues generally become things you don’t bat an eyelid to anymore.

2 . Nourish your body. You wouldn’t send your kids to school without lunch, so why are you not putting in the same effort for you? Become a lunch box packer for yourself, regardless if you are a SAHM or are in the corporate world. Not only does it take the effort out of thinking about “What’s for lunch?”, but will save you a lot of money (have you looked at the price of takeaway food!!!) and time in your every day schedule. This is a commitment and like anything you commit to it becomes habit. Try it!

3. Learn the art of saying No. No is a complete sentence and no explanation is required.      If something causes you heart palpitations at the thought of it being done or having to be attended and isn’t an essential part of your life, give it the flick. I promise the world won’t end.

Running around to 7 different sport 5 days a week, on top of work and every day life isn’t my idea of fun, nor is it my kids and let’s face it unless you are raising the next sporting prodigy, kids just want to be outside having their own fun and 1 or 2 sports/extra curricular activities is enough. Same goes for relationships and friendships that drain you. It’s okay to say no to the unnecessary crazy.

I was guilty of not doing all 3 and suffered greatly. Having been through a separation and subsequent divorce in the last few years, throw in an interstate move, returning to work full time as a single parent and having two children with special needs with their health, I fast realised that the buck literally did stop with me and if I wasn’t functioning at my optimum, then what use was I to them.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and these 3 things would be my pearls of wisdom to share with my younger self.

Three very small but life changing acts that have changed my outlook of myself, my relationships, the way I parent my children, my wants and needs and most importantly finding myself again, as I am that Mamma who forgot about herself.

What is your biggest pitfall? Do you take on too much?

As always would love to hear your thoughts.

Much love and remember you are enough!



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