Not really CADA

This variation of CADA (for those of you who are not familiar with it check out the original recipe here  ) was born on a morning where I discovered we where out of dates, dried apricots and I needed to come up with breakfast fast and there wasn’t too much left at the end of the week in the fridge.

I looked at some pretty ripe bananas  in the fruit bowl and thought this could work and low and behold this version of “not really” CADA was concocted!

You will need 

1 apple quartered (I used an organic granny smith in this one)

Small handful of coconut (be it shredded, flakes, dessicated)

(just make sure it’s organic to avoid the nasty preservative 220 which is linked to asthma and eczema and behavioural conditions!)

1 banana (ripe but not dead) roughly chopped in large ish pieces

Optional – handful of activated pepitas and sunflower seeds or any combination of activated nuts if tolerated (Do not use seeds or nuts if following Autoimmune Protocol   )


Place all ingredients in Thermomix and on Turbo pulse once or twice till combined.

You can also do this in a blender/food processor you will just need to judge how long to process till it looks similar to the photos.

Serves 1 in our house but we are big eaters especially at breakfast.

Just double or triple the recipe to serve more if required.


With all fruit /veggies you should serve it with some sort of fat so that the fat soluble vitamins are absorbed and you are getting the most out of your fruit & veggies

A sliced avocado is normally how we finish off this dish meeting the above requirement.

Good fats also keep you fuller longer therefore avoiding the 10am munchies many people have.

If you turbo or puree this to a finer consistency (without the seeds/nuts) and add the avocado to be processed at the same time this would make a very filling babies breakfast/snack that is full of beneficial fats from the coconut and avocado which is essential for brain development and the potassium, B vitamins (its the best fruit source of B6), carbohydrates and fibre from the banana and apples are an antioxidant powerhouse!

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

In Health



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