Travelling and staying on track food wise

Due to the nature of our business we tend to do more weekends away than long family holidays.

This also makes keeping Master 3 on track with his special dietary needs a little easier as eating the way we do and with his allergy restrictions, cross contamination is not something we risk.

My number one rule is BE PREPARED!!

We mainly stay in apartments, houses or cabins so that we have access to kitchen facilities so we can do our own catering.

For a weekend away where I know I will not have kitchen facilities I prep all the boys’ meals (and take my Thermomix along if we have a small kitchenette).

Over the long weekend just past we stayed at a holiday park and I prepared the following so that cooking was minimal when we got to our holiday cabin.

Big batch of pumpkin soup (which could be heated on the stove top for breakfast, lunch or dinner)

Turkey patties (with lots of veggies included), which we served with cut up cucumber, carrots and a whole avocado for the boys at our night out at the football (the boys are fine to eat the patties cold)

Recipe here you can use any mince you like in this recipe to keep things interesting.

Boys with their packed dinner at the football

Boys with their packed dinner at the football

I roasted 2 whole free range chickens and used the meat for quick lunches and snacks

Packed a few cans of tuna/salmon for just in case meals (make sure you read the allergy advise as many tunas contain milk or soy).

I also took lots of fresh organic fruit & veggies and picked up a few other organic produce items locally from various shops.

Breakfasts included CADA which is a great filling breakfast that you can make according to your own tastes, add or subtract whatever you like!

I also took some stewed fruit (which I premade and bought with us), and hubby also cooked up some things like bacon, mushrooms, eggs etc. on the BBQ (for those of us who can eat them).

We stayed two nights so the second night we had a simple BBQ with some organic beef and free range chicken with salad and sweet potatoes.

Food doesn’t need to be made complicated; we are on holidays to relax!

If we do need to eat out whilst we are away we do take Master 3’s food with us purely for cross contamination issues. For us it isn’t worth the risk. He knows and understands why he has “different” food to us if we do eat out and is quite proud of his “special” meals. (I think he secretly loves the fact he gets to eat first too without waiting for it to be cooked! LOL)

Everything I pack that is cooked is in Pyrex glass dishes and stored in an Esky filled with ice bricks till we get to our destination and it’s all put in the fridge.I have also done plane travel with the boys domestically and packed their lunches once again in Pyrex and kept in a small cooler lunch bag for them to eat on-board the plane with lots of fruit & veggies on hand too.

Eating a restricted diet or having food allergies (or even just wanting to eat REAL food) does not mean you need to stop travelling. With some planning and it can be a nice stress free time away to recharge.

How do you prepare for trips away?


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