The right diet… Is there such a thing?

Does anyone else feel like the more they read and research the more everything begins to contradict itself??? (Especially when you are looking at gut healing).

One book says include this, the other books or blogs claims it’s the worst thing for you, so what do you believe without going crazy thinking about it all??

A typical week’s reading/research for me!

A typical week’s reading/research for me!

To be honest there is no one size fits all diet or lifestyle that works. Some people’s bodies need meat, others do well without it. It’s the same with dairy and grains and everything in between!

The key is listening to your body and finding what works for you. The ultimate goal is living life without underlying health issues and knowing how good it feels to have a body that functions well.

So much of society these days are so used to feeling run down, lethargic, constipated or to the other extreme, bloated, having migraines, headaches, cramps and don’t do anything about it because they are not connecting these symptoms with the foods they are putting into their bodies when in reality everything you put in your body determines how you are going to function and feel.

We need to go back to remembering food is fuel for us, the same way petrol is to a car. You put the wrong fuel in and well the car isn’t going to run very well, if it runs at all? Eat crap and you will feel crap, eat food that nourishes your body and your body will perform at its peak.

I’ve been everything, a meat eater (although I haven’t eaten red meat since a teenager by choice), vegan, vegetarian and am now a very happy poultry & fish eating, sometimes organic dairy eating whole foodie who dabbles in a bit of paleo but still includes a little spelt as it’s tolerated.. Confusing much!!???

The point is I have found what works for my body – I’ve never tolerated dairy well but can stomach some biodynamic organic dairy and a little feta cheese every so often and recently tried sheep’s yoghurt which was quite easy on the stomach. My eldest Riley is much the same with dairy and my youngest; Lachlan is anaphylactic so total avoidance of all dairy products for him.

I don’t like labels so choose not to label the way we eat (other than it being REAL food) but sometimes have to for others to understand what we are doing with the whole gut healing journey we are on for Lachlan (Master 3). For him grains and legumes are highly irritating to his gut and as soon as we removed these from his diet it was like a miracle overnight cure to his eczema after battling it for so long. It was truly amazing the effect things like rice, rice milk etc were having on his stomach.

A visual of the Real food movement philosophy

A visual of the Real food movement philosophy

We are always taught (especially as new mums) that rice is one of the least allergenic foods out there but believe me rice allergies/intolerances are actually really common these days and many believe it’s due to these hard to digest foods being given to babies as “first foods” when really in my opinion (and many others) now I have done extensive research into leaky gut/digestive diseases and autoimmune conditions, we should be holding off on grains for as long as we can in babies, their immature guts are just not cut out for it at 4-6 months old (the general accepted guidelines for introducing solids  (although in my opinion 6 months is better for a better formed gut).  There are so many great first food choices for babies, Sally Fallon author of “Nourishing Traditions” goes into great details in her books as to why & what a baby should be eating, I highly recommend checking out her books. She is highly regarded in the Real food movement.

So you’re all probably thinking –  how do you go about finding out what’s right for you and what’s possibly giving you grief?

It’s really about listening to your body and how you feel after you eat something. The best way to find these things out is through short elimination trials. One to two weeks is plenty (if you do not have underlying health issues such as leaky gut etc otherwise it is at least a 3- 6 month elimination required here once you know what you are dealing with) and then you reintroduce the eliminated food slowly and look for your body’s response to it. And remember it’s only doing one food at a time otherwise you won’t know what was possibly affecting you.

Keeping a food diary is a must when doing this as well as noting any symptoms you have no matter how small.

The most common foods that cause issues in many people are dairy, wheat, gluten but there are many many more.

I  personally believe no person should include preservatives, colours, additives, sulphites (there are some naturally occurring sulphites in foods which are ok but some people do react to them also) and manmade sugars (aspartame etc) in their diets; they do nothing for your body and have been linked to so many health issues and diseases.

This is where a REAL food diet comes into play. Think about how our grandparents ate it was very different to what the modern standard Australian diet (SAD) is today, so over processed and holds little nutritional value.

So if you aren’t feeling well, constantly tired, bloated, having bowel issues etc, challenge yourself to a elimination. Keep foods simple during the trial (caffeine and soft drinks, alcohol, chocolate etc are best avoided too for that time frame) and see how you feel without the offending food.

Days 2 – 4 are the hardest (withdrawal happens and I won’t lie to you!) but if you plan your meals, and have the right mind set behind it you may just discover how your body is supposed to feel everyday and that is awesome!

I also highly recommend working with a naturopath who specialises in food allergies/intolerances etc. There are some great aids they can give you supplement wise that have made a huge difference to Lachlan’s gut healing journey.

Here is to living a healthy happy life symptom free!

Would love to hear how you go!





The information shared on Feeding Two Growing Boys is based solely on my own personal experiences and research.

The information offered here is not intended to replace medical/trained holistic advice.

Before beginning or making any changes please always consult your chosen health care provider.

5 thoughts on “The right diet… Is there such a thing?

  1. Bec says:

    Thank you so much for this insightful post. I completely concur! I also think it can be a work in progress to get that 'balance'. Love your thoughts on baby's 'first meal'… I have had that exact same thought!

  2. Lou says:

    Well said – totally agree with everything you have pointed out…. diet is SUCH an individual journey…. no 2 bodies are the same, so why should we all adhere to one style of eating!? Veganism works for me, but I am also tweaking and experimenting with my diet and the way I eat…. it's constantly evolving.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Really great post! We must learn to be more in touch with our bodies. Sadly, that’s much harder for our children to explain how they feel and then communicate that to us.

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